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    VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 1 | JANUARY, 2015

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  • 5th International Yoga Seminar, 2016

    Join the largest "Global Yoga Convention - Kumbh 2016. May 5-15, 2016, Ujjain M.P. India

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  • Ujjain Yoga Life Society

    Follows "The Authentic Classical Yoga" with Modern Approach to serve the Society.

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  • Yoga for Holistic Wellness

    Rejuvenate, Rejoice & Rediscover your own selves through UYLS Yoga.

  • Organized Yoga School

    The only and most Organised Yoga School in Central India.

  • International Teaching

    UYLS maintains International Standards of Yoga Teaching without missing its Traditional Values.

  • Teachers Training

    Originated hundreds diligent Yoga Teachers throughout, Internationally!

  • Yoga Therapy with Ayurveda & Naturopathy

    Yogalife offers program for management of Health problems 

- Yoga Education & Teachers Training -

Teachers Certification with UYLS 200 hours Training in India and other countries. Online Courses without compromising in Syllabus, for people who can not afford to pay for

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- Conference, Camps, Workshops -

UYLS Organizing 5th International Yoga during Kumbha Mela 2016 (22 April – 21 May) in Ujjain India. UYLS also organises Workshops, Lectures, Yoga Retreats regularly.

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- Disease & Disorder Management -

Scientific researches have been conducted worldwide and it has been proved that Yogic practices are very well capable of prevention and cure of various diseases and disorders.

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- Books, CDs, DVDs, Courses -

Yoga books, CD, DVD sale, published by The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai & UYLS. Classes hours, Seminar Registration Pass, Therapy Packages etc can also be purchased.

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19th IYTTC- 200 Hours Residential Retreat- Alibaug Mumbai- May 13-24, 2015

Immersion Course in Yoga, 19th International Yoga Teachers Training Course (IYTTC) 12 Days Residential Camp in Alibaug, Mumbai 13-24 May

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20th IYTTC- 200 Hours Immersion Course in Yoga- Trondheim, Norway June 3-14, 2015

An opportunity to learn authentic Classical Indian Yoga with scientific approach in a modern way with International Yoga Guru Pundit

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5th International Yoga Seminar & Global Yoga Convention- Kumbha 2016

Yoga for Peace and Humanity April 26-30, 2016, Ujjain, M.P. India & Global Yoga Convention- Kumbha 2016 May 5-15, 2016


Class Address: Swimming Pool Premises, Opp. Kalidas Academy, Kothi road, Ujjain
Class Timings- 6-7,78,8-9 am & 5-6,6-7,7-8 pm Weekdays.
For more details Contact UYLS: +91, 734-2525113, 9406624555
Our classes

Address- Vasant Vihar, Behind Bombay Hospital, Indore
Director: Mrs. Dipti Gami: +91, 9826099886,

Class Address- E-87, Saket Nagar, Near Devki Appartment
Class Timings: 6:30-7:30, 7:30-8:30, 10:30-11:30 am & 5:30-6:30 pm
For more details Contact: Mrs. Renu Jhalani: +91, 9300043244,

Sunday Classes at Shri Mahaleshwar Temple, Sannyvale 7-9 am
Saturday Classes at 2645 Slkflas ljakld, Santa Clara 6-7 pm
Weekdays Classes at 2645 Slkflas ljakld, Santa Clara 7-8 pm
For more details Contact: Yuvraj Venkteshan +1 625.325.3323

Address – 2450 , Canterbury Lane,North Brunswick , NJ, USA 08902
For details Contact: Mr Rajesh Rabindranath +1 (732) 910-8272

Class Address: 308, Currier Drive, Rockville MD, 20850
For more details Contact: Ms Avneet Baid, +1 (267) 421-1437

Director Satyadhara – Ranise Silviera
Address- Centro de Yoga Satyadhara
Rua Carlos Giesen, 1297 – Sala 501
Bairro Exposição – Caxias do Sul – RS – Brasil
CEP: : 95084-220
Contact- +555481199368

Yoga Center Satyadhara Unit Vineyards
Centre Director – Cleusa Batista
Fábio Antonio Cavagnoli Street, 329
Park neighborhood of Vineyards
95032-747 – Caxias do Sul – RS
Phone : 54 3025 5218