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Yoga which studied man in depth at all levels, has much to offer to project an alternative to the modern style of thinking and living. What is needed is to understand Yoga not as others understand it but as Patanjali understood and propagated it. In his classic system of Yoga, he has methodically shown what afflictions man suffers from and for what reasons. He has applied spiritual psychology to explore this and has supplied the basic technology for elevating man from his moorings of animal life. Those working for sublimation, integration and evolution of man will have no better alternative than the acceptance of Yoga as a way of life for future generations.



yogendra "Yoga is another word for a way of living, where one gives as much importance to happiness and peace of mind as to one'smaterial comforts"


images "YOGA, the science of man based on ancient wisdom and culture has laid down a technology consisting of various psychological and physiological processes for dealing with the body–mind complex. It emphasises harmony and integration of the human personality at all levels and through all stages of life. It shows the way out of thecomplexities and problems of life and holds the 'Key To  Better Living'.


President Of The Yoga Institute, Santacruz mumbai
"It was Rishi Patanjali, rightly called the Father of Yoga, who around 250 b.c., compiled, synthesised, modified, systematised  and refined yoga in a metaphysical whole, grafted on Samkhya philosophy and laid down eight steps which form the basic  which thwhole system of yoga works. It was indeed the first classical attempt to interpret the subject."

-Pundit Radheshyam Mishra

Director,Ujjain Yogalife Society


Yoga Life
Patanjali has described 'Ashtanga Yoga' eight fold path or steps of Yoga. The eight steps are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. These steps in perfect order, as they are, were formulated on the basis of psychological understanding of the human mind. Yoga had recognised and accepted the importance of the mind and the subconscious over the total human personality much earlier than did the modem psychology in its present form. In the methodology of Patanjali, all the eight limbs or constituents are to be present in the same sequence with their correlation andratios as recommended, to make the process of yoga successful. Yoga, thus, is a lifestyle, step-wise and stage-wise, through the eight-fold path to final liberation from pain and suffering.


These steps progressively take you to the highest state of creativity, of discriminative knowledge and towards attaining the desired perfection. There-iliesitsgreat purpose and usefulness. There are some who emphasise on only one or the other aspects of yoga, missing the integrated approach, which is so classicand can alone give a total education for the transformation of the human personality from the disintegrated into an integrated one, and sublimate man to divinity (from the ignoble to the noble is yoga). The classic yoga, commonly known as the eight-fold path (ashtanga yoga), covers both die yoga ideology and technology.


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