Board Members


Advisory Board members

Successful entrepreneur and active Yoga Sadhak has been a continuous support and advisor to Ujjain Yoga Life Society for years.

Rakesh Bhargava

New York, USA

Yogi for decades, very active in Europe, known for his YogNidra is an exertive valued member of our Society.

Yogi Andre Reihl

Somapa, France

A diligent Yoga promoter with noteworthy contribution in the field has been a very valued member/advisor of the society since its inception.

Harold Sequeira


Professor by profession, she is an intense Yoga Sadhak promoting the magical powers of Yoga and supporting UYLS all over Norway.

Ingunn Hagen

Trondheim, Norway

A talented IT professional and keen historian believes in reviving old Indian scriptures like Bhagvad Gita &Patanjali Yoga Sutras in USA, is a dedicated Yoga Practitioner and strong support of UYLS all over.

Rajesh Rabindranath

New Jersey, USA

IT Professional and Yoga Instructor, he has been associated with our society over a decade now and has been a continuous source of motivation.

Ashish Ajmera

New York, USA

A self acclaimed Yoga Guru of Mumbai, India is the oldest and continuous association of our society.

Sandhya Patki

Mumbai, India

Senior Professor of Botany in Ujjain and dedicated Yoga Follower, he has been with UYLS for years now.

Dr. Anurag Titov

Ujjain, India

Enthusiastic, Vibrant Photographer by passion and Professor of Chemistry by profession, he has been a strong pillar for UYLS since its inception.

Dr. Deependra Singh

Ujjain, India

Motherly figure to UYLS and strong believer of Yoga, she has been our true mentor since the conceptualization of the Society.

Rammurti Shrivastav

Mumbai, India

An IT Professional and intense Yoga lover, has been practicing and propagating yoga all over Bay area, USA.

Yuvraj Venkeatesan

California, USA

Yoga teacher, Ujjain, India.

DR Kartike

Ujjain, India

Executive Board members

Renowned International Yoga Guru and our Founder-Director Pundit Ji has been the driving force behind every step and mile of Ujjain Yoga Life Society International. A multi-faceted persona, Pundit Ji dedicates every bit of his life to Yoga and man-Kind.

Pundit Radheshyam Mishra

Ujjain, India

Active Theaterist and renowned writer of Madhya Pradesh, he is a senior retired professional from State Bank Of India. He has been serving the Society since its inception.

Girijesh Vyas

Ujjain, India

Journalist by profession, Executive Editor of DainikBhaskar Ujjain and Scholar of Hindu Religious Scriptures. He is with UYLS since its foundation and has always been an active board member.

Dr. VivekChaurasiya
Vice President

Ujjain, India

Nutritionist and Senior Yoga Instructor by profession, she has been conducting Master training Course along with Pundit Ji in UYLS. She has been associated with Society for last 4 years.

Latika Vyas

Ujjain, India

Financial Advisor and Active Yoga Aspirant, she has been serving the society since beginning.


Ujjain, India

Proficient Yoga Instructor healing the city with her caring touch, she has been the strongest pillar of the Society even before it was conceptualized.

Sunita Mishra

Ujjain, India

Renowned Folk Artist of Malwa region, She has been actively associated with Society over a decade.

Krishna Verma

Ujjain, India

Musician and learned tabla Player, he is teacher by Profession serving Birla Senior Secondary School, Nagda over decades now. He is an active member of the Society.

Madhav Tiwari

Ujjain, India

A diligent member and caretaker of the society have been with us for last 10 years.

Santosh Rai

Ujjain, India