33rd International Teachers Training Course, at Goa-India, October 21 – November 19, 2017 at Palolem Beach

33rd International Teachers Training Course, at Goa-India, October 21 – November 19, 2017 at Palolem Beach

An opportunity to learn authentic Classical Indian Yoga with scientific approach in a modern way with International Yoga Guru Pundit Radheshyam Mishra –A 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification Program with limited seats – download brochure for details 

In this unique
Yoga teacher’s-training program, you will:

Learn an immense amount about yoga and its full complement of practices

It is the Classical Yoga we teach, traditional India hath yoga style

Develop a deep understanding of yoga’s perspective on the human system and how it functions

Experience how Yoga’s tools affect each
of us in different ways and on different levels

Learn how to apply yoga’s tools in different ways and for different people

Grow, personally, on all levels (mental, physical, emotional and behavioral) through a practice personalized for you.

Transformational Training


In short, the UYLS Yoga Teacher’s Training not only provides clear, coherent and complete information about yoga, it’s tools, philosophies and practices, but it will also facilitate the personalized, experiential support necessary to effectively implement this into your life. This training will result in a new you, with a new perspective on life and relationship. It will be a more authentic you; with actual and sustainable behavioral change, developed out of deep, experiential understanding and when it will be your turn to help someone else, you will clearly understand how to do that from a place of authentic knowledge, personal experience and deep knowing.

This Program is Different….

One-on-One Mentorship

As a participant in the UYLS’s Training, you will connect personally with International Yoga Guru Pundit Radheshyam Mishra, who will:

  • Guide and direct your daily, personal practice
  • Answer informational questions related tothe training
  • Mentor you in developing your yoga teachingThis personal support will hold you throughout the course of the training and beyond. When tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of each person, the tools of yoga can coax tremendous positive transformation out of us.

    Authentic Teachings

    Yoga is a practice that has been passed down from one generation to the next for at least several thousand years. It is an ancient discipline, with deep theoretical and practical roots, and there is a rich textual tradition that underlies and explains the

practice, its applications and its meaning.
Śri Yogendra from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai (The oldest Yoga Institution) was one of the most influential masters of yoga in modern times. His knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit and the primary Indian philosophical schools was unrivaled. Yet the main focus of his energy and life-long work was the study, practice and teaching of therapeutic Yoga for supporting health, healing, and personal transformation of house-holders.

Pundit Ji has studied in this tradition in 90’s and his immediate guru is Dr. Jaydev Yogendra (Son of Shri Yogendra). Yoga is a life-long path, which provides ongoing opportunities for learning and refinement. To be a good teacher requires that one be actively applying what they are teaching. UYLS teacher’s Training program models this inside and outside the classroom.

Comprehensive, Coherent


One of the most important aspects of Shri Yogendra’s teaching is that they have shown, simply and clearly, how all of the different aspects of yoga fit together as a single, coherent whole. All of the pieces, including movement/asana, breathing techniques/praṇayama, meditation, gestures/nyasa, sound/mantra, chanting, philosophy, ethics and daily life, etc., work together as a single, unified practice.

At the UYLS Institute, we do not mix various philosophical disciplines. This program is a complete yoga program. Yoga for body, breath, mind, philosophy, personal transformation, therapeutics, etc.; all of it. And all of it explained in ways that makes sense and applies to our modern day culture and life. We’re sure you will find it very intellectually satisfying and affirming to see and feel how each aspect prepares for, aids and enables all the others.

Beyond Information, Deeply


The UYLS’s Teacher Training will provide you with a deep understanding of:

How to practice and teach asana (physical postures), including

  • Techniques: how to correctly practice the main postures, in the classical way
  • Primary effects and purposes of each asana / posture
  • How to adapt each posture to achieve the proper function of the posture
  • How to organize postures into different sequences to achieve different results.Specifically this involves understanding the physical requirements of each posture as well as the strain each posture puts on the body/mind/breath and how these can be utilized in combination with those other postures. The resulting understanding is an incredibly adaptable system for creating practices.

    How to practice and teach praṇayama (conscious breathing), including

  • Definition of praṇayama, what it means, why it’s practiced, etc.
  • How to create a praṇayama practice
  • How to develop the quality and length of the breath
  • Praṇayama techniques: how to practice, use and teach different praṇayama techniques
  • Praṇayama ratios: how to practice, development and teach different breathing ratios

How to practice and teach meditation (dhyana), including :

  • Different understandings of meditation: How to create and develop meditation practices
  • Meditation techniques: their practice, effects and how to teach them
  • Meditation objects: fundamentals of how to choose themHow to practice yoga in daily life or ”off the mat”, including
  • In depth learning of Patañjali’s Yogasutra. This is the traditional main presentation of how to live the path of yoga.
  • Overview of the Yoga teachings on navigating difficult life situationsPersonal Transformation,

    The Foundation of Teaching.

    Obviously, a lot of information is presented over the course of the training, but the emphasis is always how to apply the information and how to facilitate the experiences. Yoga is not informational. Yoga is experiential, it must be done, practiced and experienced to be understood and to have an effect on us and thus to change us. The UYLS’s training emphasizes the practical application of yoga and its tools. The training covers not only what the tools are, but how to think about using them, how to understand the way they function (according to the traditional models within which they were created), and how to use them. The result of this process is self-transformation. Gradual, sustainable and meaningful, personal transformation, achieved through the immensely satisfying and interesting path of yoga. These are proven and profound teachings designed to help you, and therefore students, achieve the joy, freedom and health of a person in balance with their most authentic self.

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