About course

Immersion Course in YOGA

International Yoga Teachers Training program for Yoga Aspirants

(Residential course)- 200 Hours,300 Hours, 500 Hours

During Yoga Kumbha 2016 Ujjain

April 22nd-May 21st 2016

The IYTTC conducted by UYLS itself  is a comprehensive Yoga Course; a unique combination of authentic, ancient Indian classical Yoga with modern technology and gadgets under the inspiring and transforming guidance of International Yoga Guru Pundit Radheshyam Mishra along with world renowned Yoga-Gurus.
Further, the IYTTC will be conducted during YOGA KUMBH 2016 where every participant will get easy accessibility for all the activities of this grandiose event of Yoga ever. The great yoga masters from all around the Globe will gather and enlighten them through their discourses/ lectures/ practical workshops etc. They will be able to attend ‘3
International Seminars’ and a ‘Global Yoga Convention’ as well on different aspects of yoga. Moreover, this IYTTC and Yoga Kumbha are being organized parallel to an ageless festival of elixir, witnessing the largest congregation ever while celebrating multiple spiritual identities of India and abroad – SIMHASTHA 2016 – celebrated once in 12
years. Millions of pilgrims, sadhus & sanyasis (monks & sages), musicians, artisans and all kinds of craftsmen are gathering on the sacred banks of river Kshipra to take the holy dip to wash away all the karmic impurities and to help the soul find its way to freedom to merge in the Supreme Consciousness to get divine peace. It is by far the largest gathering for month long of pilgrims in the world with more than 50 million people embarking on the once in a lifetime spiritual journey on the magical banks of river Kshipra, chanting for the Gods above.Ujjain Yogalife Society (UYLS) is a continuous endeavor to commit self to the universe and feel an unparalleled state of physical, mental and spiritual.

Ujjain Yogalife Society (UYLS) is a continuous endeavor to commit self to the universe and feel an unparalleled state of physical, mental and spiritual well being. It brings together some of the most accomplished yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts.

Ujjain Yogalife Society (UYLS) is a continuous endeavor to commit self to the universe and feel an unparalleled state of physical, mental and spiritual well being. It brings together some of the most accomplished yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts.

UYLS is a premier institute for teacher training in India offering Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT 200, 300 and RYT 500 courses. Our teacher training programs are accredited with and recognized by Yoga Alliance USA – YA, Council of Yoga Alliance International – CYAI, International Yoga Federation- IYF, and Yoga Alliance International-YAI. We bring about transformational changes, at mental, emotional and physical levels, in our students with hands on training focused on Yoga in-depth, Philosophy of Yoga, body alignment, asanas, meditation and therapeutic healing.

This residential course will be conducted by Pundit Radheshyam Mishra, an International Yoga Guru with 22 Years of teaching experience in 40 countries of the world, founder of Ujjain Yoga Life Society International and YogaLife USA Inc. along with National Fame Ms. Sandhya Patki a renowned Yoga Instructor for 22 years and founder New Age Yoga, Mumbai. Both the masters belong to a traditional lineage of ancient Classical Yoga of Shri Yogendra Ji, the founder of very first Yoga Organization of the world. They are the direct disciples of A living Yogi Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra. Their organization’s curriculum, history, and traditional lineage can be checked out in more detail at: www.yogalife.co.in & www.yogasandhya.com

Don’t Just Learn, Transform!
Yoga is an ancient technology of personal transformation. Its tools are remarkably simple, and yet, its effects are profound.
The true power of yoga lies not in the strength and vitality it gives the physical body (though this is undeniable), but rather in the profoundly positive ways it can change our entire human system. Yoga can refine the mind, clear negative emotions, create positive habits and behaviors, improve our relationships and potentially bring forth profound spiritual experiences.
In this unique Yoga teacher’s-training program, you will:

• Learn an immense amount about yoga and its full complement of practices
• Develop a deep understanding of yoga’s perspective on the human system and how it functions,
• Experience how Yoga’s tools affect each of us in different ways and on different levels
• Learn how to apply yoga’s tools in different ways and for different people
• Grow, personally, on all levels (mental, physical, emotional and behavioral) through a practice personalized for you

Therapist Training Program
In short, the UYLS Yoga Teacher’s Training not only provides clear, coherent and complete information about yoga, it’s tools, philosophies, and practices, but it will also facilitate the personalized, experiential support necessary to effectively implement this into your life.
This training will result in a new you, with a new perspective on life and relationship. It will be a more authentic you; with actual and sustainable behavioral change, developed out of deep, experiential understanding and when it will be your turn to help someone else, you will clearly understand how to do that from a place of authentic knowledge, personal experience and deep knowing.

This Program is Different!
One-on-One Mentorship
As a participant in the UYLS’s Training, you will connect personally with International Yoga Guru Pundit Radheshyam Mishra, who will:
• Guide and direct your daily, personal practice answer informational questions related to
the training
• Mentor you in developing your yoga teaching skills

This personal support will hold you throughout the course of the training and beyond. When tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of each person, the tools of yoga can coax tremendous positive transformation out of us. Authentic Yoga Teaching is a practice that has been passed down from one generation to the next for at least several thousand years. It is an ancient discipline, with deep theoretical and practical roots, and there is a rich textual tradition that underlies and explains the practice, its applications, and its meaning.
Pundit Ji have studied in this tradition in 90’s and his immediate guru is Dr. Jaydeva Yogendra (Son of
Shri Yogendra) and Hansa Ji from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, (The oldest Yoga Institution). They are the most influential masters of yoga in modern times. Their knowledge of Yoga, Human Being, Sanskrit and the primary Indian philosophical schools was unrivaled. Yet the main focus of their energy and lifelong work was the study, practice and teaching of therapeutic Yoga for supporting health, healing, and personal transformation.
Yoga is a life-long path, which provides ongoing opportunities for learning and refinement. To be a good teacher requires that one must practice what they are teaching. UYLS Teacher’s Training program models this inside and outside the classroom.

Beyond Information, Deeply Experiential.

The UYLS’s Teacher Training will provide you with a deep understanding of:
• How to practice and teach āsana (physical postures), including

• Techniques: how to correctly practice the main postures, in classical way.

• Primary effects and purposes of each āsana/ posture

• How to adapt each posture to achieve the proper function of the posture.

• How to organize postures into different sequences to achieve different results.

Specifically, this involves understanding the physical requirements of each posture as well as the strain each posture puts on the body/mind/breath and how these can be utilized in combination with those other postures. The resulting understanding is an incredibly adaptable system for creating practices.

• How to practice and teach prāṇāyāma (conscious breathing), including
• Definition of prāṇāyāma, what it means, why it’s practiced, etc.

• How to create a prāṇāyāma practice

• How to develop the quality and length of the breath

• Prāṇāyāma techniques: how to practice, use and teach different prāṇāyāma techniques

• Prāṇāyāma ratios: how to practice, development and teach different breathing ratios

• How to practice and teach meditation (dhyāna), including

• Different understandings of meditation

• How to create and develop meditation practices

• Meditation techniques: their practice, effects and how to teach them

• Meditation objects: fundaments of how to choose them

• How to practice yoga in daily life or ”off the mat”, including
• In depth learning of Patañjali’s Yogasūtra. This is the traditional main presentation of how to live the path of yoga.

• Overview of the Yoga teachings on navigating difficult life situations

Personal Transformation, The Foundation of Teaching
Obviously, a lot of information is presented over the course of the training, but the emphasis is always how to apply the information and how to facilitate the experiences. Yoga is not informational. Yoga is experiential, it must be done, practiced and experienced to be understood and to have an effect on us and thus to change us. The UYLS’s training emphasizes the practical application of yoga and its tools. The training covers not only what the tools are, but how to think about using them, how to understand the way they function (according to the traditional models within which they were created), and how to use them. The result of this process is self-transformation. Gradual, sustainable and meaningful, personal transformation, achieved through the immensely satisfying and interesting path of yoga. These are proven and profound teachings designed to help you, and therefore students, achieve the joy, freedom and health of a person in balance with their most authentic self.

A Therapeutic Tradition
The UYLS’s program provides a precious opportunity to be trained in the therapeutic yoga tradition of Śri Yogendra. A tradition rooted in The Yoga Institute a world famous and oldest Yoga Institute. The training equips students with the tools, experiences and understandings necessary to teach group classes and general individual sessions in this tradition, where:
• The approach to healing is truly holistic; and the mind, body and spirit are seen as completely interconnected, yet discernible aspects of a single entity
• Where each person is viewed an individual; and the yoga is uncompromisingly adapted to the student, and not just the student to the yoga
• Where the student-teacher relationship has always been viewed as the heart of the teaching and the transformational process

Specifically, the UYLS’s Yoga Teacher Training will give participants the coursework, methodology, and hours needed to become a Yoga Alliance RYT-500 yoga teacher (for those who currently hold a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 hour designation, and a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certification for those who do not). Most importantly, this training can help lead you to become someone who can BE an excellent yoga teacher or yoga therapist, because you’ve done the work and transformed yourself. You will dig through your own patterning, access your own inner resources, and become someone who can lead others down that same path of growth and healing.

Is This Training For You?
The UYLS’s training is for anyone who is ready to experience Yoga deeper. This training is appropriate for:
• Someone interested in becoming a skilled yoga teacher
• Already established yoga teachers wanting to deepen their practice or move it in a therapeutic direction
• Medical & mental health professionals wanting to understand yoga’s multidimensional approach to the human system and how to use breathing, attention and movement meaningfully with their clients
• Someone interested in deepening their understanding of yoga for their own personal practice and evolution. If you simply enjoy yoga, have seen the effects it’s had on you and want to know more or understand why, then this is also for you!
• This training is for those who want to understand the full spectrum of how Yoga can change their live sand those who want grow, heal, and be of service to the world around them.

Program Details

• RYT 200 hour Yoga Teachers Training Course: April 22– May 4, 2016

• RYT 300 hour Yoga Teachers Training Course: May 5–21, 2016

• RYT 500 hour Yoga Teachers Training Course: April 22- May 21, 2016

• Graduates will receive Yoga Teacher Certification from the UYLS and will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a certified teacher. UYLS is also registered with Council for Yoga Accreditation & Affiliations, International Yoga federation and Yoga Alliance International.

Application Procedure
If you are interested in joining our UYLS’s Yoga Teacher Training programs, please, Apply Online Now. All applicants are interviewed as part of the application process. However, before applying if you would like to talk with us, please contact us by clicking HERE.

The program will include the following topics:
• Aasans (Standing, Seated, Supine, and Prone postures)
• Easy Techniques to Master the Postures
• Anatomy Essentials
• Human Physiology
• Anatomy and Physiology of Aasans
• Pranayaam
• Mudras
• Kriyas (Shatkarma – Cleanings/Cleansings)
• Bandhas
• Bhavas
• Positive Attitude
• Counseling
• Public Speaking
• Methodology of Teaching Yog
• Teaching and Presentation Skills
• Human Psychology
• Yogic Diet
• Concentration and Meditation Techniques
• Sankhya Philosophy
• Literary References
• Internet References / PDF Books / PPTs etc.

• For 200 Hours: Participants with keen desire to know Yoga in-depth for self-transformation and helping the society with better health.
• For 300 Hours: Applicants who have already done a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course from any RYS or equivalent from any recognized Yoga School or Diploma from any University.
• For 500 Hours – Same as 200 Hours above.

**Eligibility Criteria for One month Program for beginners – RYT-200/500
• Age : 18+
• Understand read and write in English
• Willing to use Computer and Internet for
research, analysis and making presentations
• Willing to learn and practice traditional Yoga
without any fear
• No debilitating chronic illness or physical
• Willing to follow a Yogic Lifestyle, Food habits
and discipline
• Should register 2 months in advance to get
printed and audio-visual Course Material and
study them well before joining.

** Eligibility Criteria for Eighteen days Program for Practitioners – RYT-300

• Age : 21+
• Practicing Yoga for at least for one Year
• Should register 2 months in advance to get all
course material and study them well before
• Practice Yoga from DVD we will send after
confirmation of joining course
• Have Certificate of completion of RYT 200 /
One Year Diploma.

This is a Residential Progressive course in Yoga for One month / 12 days, where the group follows a “Yogic Lifestyle and Routine” prescribed below. Participants not only learn the aforementioned topics but also learn about meals, eating habits, relaxation, behavior and sleep. All this happens in a disciplined environment with the objective that a similar lifestyle can be adopted in one’s daily life and routine going forward, making one’s life healthy, peaceful, and happy.

Daily Schedule

Time Activity Duration (Minutes/Hours)
5:00 Meditation 45 mins
5:45 Kriyas and Cleansing 15 mins
6:00 Sattvik Tea 30 mins
6:30 Yogic Walk 60 mins
7:30 Breakfast 60 mins
8:30 Lectures 120 mins
10:30 Free time/Self Study 60 mins
11:30 Theory & Presentations 90 mins
13:00 Lunch followed by Yogic Walk 60 mins
14:00 Nishpand Bhav and Relaxation 30 mins
14:30 Self Study 60 mins
15:30 Theory/Presentations 60 mins
16:30 Tea Break 30 mins
17:00 Practice teaching 60 mins
18:00 Practices 60 mins
19:00 Sandhya Aarti 60 mins
20:00 Dinner followed by Yogic Walk 60 mins
21:00 Recreation Session followed by Concentration Practice / Meditation 45 mins
22:00 Sleep

**Note: Daily schedule and content is subject to change because of constant improvement in course structure, Yoga Conference participation and content.

Preparation for the Course

You must practice Yoga every day from the date of registration to prepare your body for this extensive course. Upon registration for the course, participants will receive a kit containing Books and CDs.