Accommodation At Simhastha Kumbh Mela, Ujjain- 2016

Accommodation At Simhastha Kumbh Mela, Ujjain- 2016



We, at Ujjain Yoga Life Society are organizing the biggest event in the history of Yoga at Simhastha Kumbha Mela, Ujjain – 2016. The Yoga Kumbh Camp site situated within the Kumbh Mela zone in Ujjain is providing the most hygienic, comfortable and affordable accommodation for all the guests. All the tents at the campsite are eco-friendly,   water-proof and weather-proof. All the basic facilities are made available to all our guests and the organizing team is motivated to make Kumbh Mela experience a memorable one for all its guests. Tents range from the most economical Dormitories (with non-attached bathrooms and toilets) to the luxurious superior Darbaar tents providing facilities similar to that of some of the posh hotels.


The tents are located at the most ideal location within the Kumbh Mela Kshetra / Zone and are very close to the holy bathing site. We will be providing all the assistance required for the holy ritual of “Shahi Snan” and our guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the Kshipra River while staying with us at the Yoga Kumbh camp. Our camp is located in the Datta Akhara sector within the Kumbh Mela festival area.



We have taken special care for security of our guests and our campus has been completely covered under CCTV cameras which will be monitored 24 x 7 by a special surveillance team. We also have special drone cameras which will further add write myresearch paper on to cover the less accessible portions of the camp. Security personnel will be appointed at all the major ENTRANCE and EXIT points to ensure that no one, except our guest and staff, can enter the Yoga Kumbh site. Records of all our guests residing at the camp and attending various seminars have been taken at the time of booking for security purposes.

Police Man in Ujjain Kumbh

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Well built, Fully Equipped and Comfortable Tents:

The tents at the Yoga Kumbh Camp site are some of the finest, safest, spacious, comfortable and economical accommodations in entire Kumbh Mela, Ujjain. As per your budget, you can choose from a range of tents from budget friendly DORMITORIES to ultra luxurious superior DARBAAR TENTS.

Our all the tents have been designed beautifully and will give you the comfort and feel same as that of staying at home. Our temporary tents have a strong foundation and are weather-proof and eco-friendly. They are very well equipped with all the basic necessities from elegant furniture and comfortable bedding to user friendly bathrooms and toiletries. Only our most economic accommodation of dormitories have non-attached bathrooms & toilets whereas all the others have attached bathrooms & toilets. Similarly only every dormitory has SIX BEDS whereas rest of the tents has TWO BEDS that can be attached and separated as per convenience. EXTRA BEDS (on request) can also be provided to Superior Darbaar, Swiss, Deluxe and Family tents to accommodate more than two persons in the tent.

Tents in Ujjain Kumbh

Hospitality Services:

These service hutments would be fully equipped with basic amenities like air-coolers / air-conditioners, beds & sofas, attached toilets and wash rooms, toiletries, 24×7 fresh clean running water & electricity, modern sewerage and sanitation system. 24 hours Medical representative will be made available at the dispensary for any kind of emergency. Also, Safe lockers will be made available for every guest to store their valuables. The lockers will be located near the Yoga Kumbh Camp Office. Strict monitoring system and staff to maintain cleanliness at the campsite will be appointed to ensure a hygienic and tidy environment.

All the essential services will be provided round the clock with the duty attendant at the reception.


accommodation in Ujjain


Accommodation charges already include food charges for three times. Food provided will be completely Satvik (freshly cooked, easily digestible light vegan meal) food.

Our menu will include 4 Chapatis (Roasted Indian breads) or 6 Pooris (Fried Indian bread), 1 vegetable curry (subzi), Sheera (Sooji Halwa, an Indian dessert) and pickle (Achaar) served in a quarter plate.

The food will be served as a part of the takeaway system so that our team could feed more people. Although, people will be allowed to eat at the campsite or any other place they want to. Through the means of “Annakshetra”, a person can gain up to 800 calories/meal.

Guests eating at the site will be strictly requested to not to litter around or waste any of the food product given to them.


Note: No alcohol/ cigarettes or any other abusive food item will be allowed inside the Yoga Kumbh Campus. If found, strict actions like penalty fee can be charged by the organizers.

Modern Amenities:

Our site will provide Internet access to its guests through Wi-fi and will enable them to enjoy Internet services while they are experiencing Kumbh Mela. A huge auditorium with high quality audio and visual system with a capacity to allow 5000 people to perform yoga at once with air cooling facility will be arranged. All the seminars, lectures and conventions will be held at this auditorium. Laundry, daily newspaper desk, grocery and souvenir shop will be available in the Yoga Kumbh Campus.

Facilities for Disabled:

Provision of wheelchairs and special assistance is made available for disabled guests. Our campus has been specially designed to ensure access for physically disabled persons via wheelchairs.

Kids Friendly Campsite:

Although the campsite is completely kid friendly and secure, we always recommend to hold your kid’s hand if they are below ten years of age for safety purpose. Our campus is very well covered by CCTV cameras and security personnel to ensure complete safety. The Yoga Kumbh help desk will assist guests in all the type of queries and issues.


Free parking and valet services will be provided by the Ujjain Yoga Life Society Team for its guests. To ensure complete security of the vehicles a separate ‘Vehicle Maintenance Team’ will be appointed.

Transportation Assistance:

Airport and Railway Station transfers, tour to nearby famous tourist sites and assistance in travelling to other places will be provided at the Yoga Kumbh travel desk at nominal extra charges. Cabs and guide persons (on request and extra charges) are also available.

Note: It is advised for people to take care of their valuables and kids, as Yoga Kumbh organizers or Ujjain Yoga Life Society will not be responsible for any of their loss or damage.

For Registration Visit this link – Accommodation at Ujjain Kumbh Mela

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