Yoga Training for Corporates

Yogalife Global organizes various yoga workshops which give each individual an opportunity to take on the responsibility to discover one’s resources and deploy them to optimum usage. UYLS pursues a scientific approach towards exploring newer creative avenues of personal and professional life management with Classical yoga with practical approach to suit challenges of modern world.

We use a wide variety of guided, silent, and active yoga practises, pranayam and meditation sessions ,with oodles of serene music to soothe the soul, under qualified and experienced guidance of our founder – director Pundit Radheshaym Mishra, (for Pundit Ji’s details click here)

UYLS’s Corporate workshops are specifically designed to focus on the universal issues prevailing in the organizations across the world. Our Corporate Workshops are ideal for Corporations who wish to improve employer- employee’s morale and efficiency in the most natural and effective way through YOGA.

One can choose from the list of programs below or custom make a corporate package to suit your organizations need and requirements.

Our Flagship Corporate Workshops:

24 Minutes of Yoga for 24 Hours of Energy

Perfect Health Workshop

Yoga for Overall Fitness – Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Stress management through RSM’s Yog

Yoga and deep relaxation

Atma Awakening Meditation

Omkaar Meditation

A well-adjusted, happy employee is much more productive as he is capable of a clearer focus on the work at hand rather than all the stresses and tensions he carries around. These Employees work with each other as a team towards achieving the goals set by the organization.

UYLS’sb> corporate workshop’s attempt to create deliberate positive changes in your organization’s biggest assets: the PEOPLE using various Yogic Techniques, awareness and relaxation sessions, centring and self- awakening techniques, breathing methods, de-conditioning processes.

Our Workshops create happy, motivated employees who focus better on their work, and, take pride in their overall contribution to the Organization.

International Yog Guru, Pundit Radheshyam Mishra has been conducting various workshops at national and international podium for years now and has successfully initiated Yoga for well-being in corporate world and trained many executives of World-renowned corporate group out of which few are listed below: