Personal Trainer Certification


Personal Trainer Certification Course Contents

1. Introduction

Roles and Responsibilities of a Personal Trainer
The Characteristics of a Good Personal Trainer
Ethical Responsibility of the Personal Trainer
Good Gym Habits to be Kept in Mind and Taught to Clients

2. Fitness Theory and Terminology

Fitness Defined
Benefits of Exercise and Fitness
Components of Fitness
Motor fitness, VO2 Max, VO2 difference, Calculate Your Exercise Heart Rate Range
Aerobics and Anaerobic Physical Activity
Principles of Fitness
Weight Training and Body Building
Points to Remember When Commencing a Weight Training Program
Over-Training and Pain
Repetitions and Sets (reps and sets)
Terms and Definitions

3. Exercise Programs and Prescriptions

Warming Up
Repetitions and Sets (reps and sets)
Training Program Chart 1
Training Program Chart 2
Training Program Chart 3
New Trainee General Fitness Program
Body Part Fitness Training (New trainee)
Experienced Trainee General Fitness Program
Experienced Trainee Body Part Fitness Training

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