Yoga Of Caring


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Yoga is not only popular in our county but also abioad. In the year 1994, Dr Jaydeve alone with his wife smt. Haisa Jaydeva went to Ottawa to address how yoga can benefit ones lives & that of the society. Their visit inspired further learning a ieaffiruning of commitment & a feeling of cule & opener. They introduced a new concept that put a more personal perspective on their teachings. They called it the ÔÇ£Yoga of CaringÔÇØ, This book emphasises that an attitude of caring while performing our practices, doing our duties and hawing recreational time, would allow a greater balance & more positive states of mind. This book consists of talks given by Dr Jaydeva and smt Hanisa Jaydeva which has opened our hearts & our minds to a more spiritual outlook on life. This compilation of their talks is dedicated to all there who take up the challenge of integrating yoga more into their lives & deepen their experience.


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