Yogic Life For Control Of Diabetes


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Diabetes is best controlled not by fear and dread but by knowledge and self assurance-by a positive attitude. Yoga helps you to attain such an outlook. While modern medicine treats the disease, Yoga treats the person. Yoga promises no cure for what is incurable. But it does enable you to cope better with your disease. Yoga teaches you to take good care not just of your diabetes but of your whole self. A human being is made up of parts. Only when all the parts ÔÇô heart, liver, brain, pancreas, muscles, etc. ÔÇô function harmoniously like a well tuned orchestra is health of the whole assured.

Through a well-planned regimen of cultivating right attitudes, awareness of the disease, satvik food, self-monitoring of blood sugar levels, yogic asanas and kriyas, yama (restraint) and niyama (observance) diabetes can reestablish the homeostatic balance.

The aim of this book is not only to help you take charge of your diabetes through proper self-management but to start you on your voyage of self-discovery, where body, mind and spirit are in total harmony with the cosmos.


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